orkplace Violence  is a situation that takes place in an otherwise normal working environment, created by one or more individuals, against another person or group of persons. It is intended to produce “physical” or “mental” damage. Generally the action is spawned by a need to “control” and/or “get even” with the other person/group.

It is an emotional event, not a logical behavior!

Workplace Violence needs to be viewed from three different perspectives:

bulletDeterrence (BEFORE an incident)
bulletWhat to do to “discourage” and “minimize” the likelihood of violent actions?
bulletControlling Access to Work Areas:.........Guards?.......Identification?.......Parking Lots?
bulletBackground Checks of:.....Employees?....Customers?....Visitors?
bulletCrises Management (DURING an incident)
bullet“If” or “when” violence happens, what do you do?
bulletActions by First Person Recognizing Issue
bulletNotifying Others
bulletWhat to Do Until Help Arrives (Police response may not be instantaneous)
bulletKeeping Control of the Workforce - EMERGENCY PLANNING
bulletSituation End - Trauma Recovery (AFTER it’s over)
bulletWhat to do after and how to recover from an incident!
bulletWho does what?
bulletWhat is company/organization position on recovery assistance?
bulletEmployee Benefit Plans and “Victim” assistance.
bulletHave the Attorney's arrived yet.

For assistance developing a "Workforce Violence" program contact:

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