Losing Product or Fuel through theft due to current economic environment?

Worried about workplace violence?

Are employees working "safely" when you are not around?


Security camera's help to track what is (and is not) occurring in and around the workplace.  A digital video system can be included so that each camera can monitored anytime from anywhere, and later brought up for review and closer scrutiny (including printing of specific images).  Placards advising of "Digital Monitoring" acts as an initial deterrent to preventing unauthorized intrusion and activities.



Workplace Violence needs to be viewed from three different perspectives:


Deterrence (BEFORE an incident occurs)


Crises Management (DURING an incident)


Situation End - Trauma Recovery (AFTER itís over)



Do you know how your employees act when "you" are not around?  Would you like to know what "really" happened to cause the workplace injury?

Let HR Alternatives assist you in determining "what" you need, and then assisting you in the design and implementation of a security system.

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