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Safety Management

The general duty clause of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, applies to all employers and requires each employer to provide employees with a place of employment which is free of recognized hazards that may cause death or serious physical harm.

OSHA covers nearly all employers in the private sector. The act describes its purpose as providing safe and healthful working conditions for "every working man and woman in the Nation."

A safe working environment is important in three distinct ways:

  1. On-the-Job injuries/illnesses result in lost production time for the employer
  2. Medical costs for treatment of employees on-the-job injuries/illnesses is the responsibility of the employer
  3. Employee retention resulting from on-the-job injuries/illnesses (theirs or others) can result in excessive employer costs for recruitment and/or training.

OSHA Compliance and Record Keeping


Workplace Violence deterrence and preparedness

For assistance with your Safety Management Program contact:

Ted Hamilton, SPHR

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